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Can The Brakes Stain Your Teeth And How To Avoid This?

Even foods such as pickles, blueberries, tomato products and alcohol can also cause demineralization and coloring. As with any type of remedy, you first want to follow the simplest approach to remove those tooth stains. While you can regularly buy bleach products from your local store, it takes longer and your teeth can be damaged. We can guide you to more effective products that offer professional quality. They are applied in special trays that safely fit the teeth, preventing gum irritation.

However, because braces can act as food traps, that number increases to four times a day during orthodontic treatment; once after each meal and again before bed. In this blog we discuss the basics of teeth whitening after braking and we give you our recommendations. There is nothing better than entering the orthodontist knowing that you are about to take off your braces. Soon everyone will see your new smile and you will be able to show your pearly white whites with confidence. The use of brackets makes it difficult to remove this plate, so you can make acids that suck minerals out of your enamel. This demineralization changes the way the tooth surface reflects light, resulting in the development of unpleasant white spots in hard-to-reach areas.

These cavities can expose the sensitive pulp in the center of the teeth and are much uglier than stains. A dental resin, made to match the overall tone of your teeth, can be injected and attached to the hole to seal it off and create the appearance of an entire tooth. Home care is essential, but it is not a substitute for regular dental examinations. You Zahnarzt Z├╝rich should always follow a recommended cleaning and control schedule, especially while you or your child are wearing braces. A dentist knows how to detect problems early and undo the damage before he has the chance to be permanent. Once the new glaze is visible underneath, the white spots will be less noticeable or disappear completely after some treatments.

But you don’t have to go to the bathroom to rinse them in a sink. Just taking a sip of water on your desk will make a difference and help eliminate food. Keep a bottle of water handy and not only will you stay hydrated all day, but it will help protect your beautiful smile.

The dentist recommends that you have a pearl-like smile on your face. However, if you have braces, it becomes difficult to clean your teeth properly. The straps on the straps may not allow you to clean the hard-to-reach surface. Seeing what you eat and drink is one of the easiest ways to take care of your teeth, including whiteness. Tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine and dark juices can stain teeth and eventually cause discoloration.

This mainly depends on how well you took care of your teeth during the treatment process. But even if you take good care of your smile, you may still have stains. To whiten teeth after brake stains, your orthodontist removes them, they can recommend a simple procedure for teeth whitening or remineralizing. High hygiene practices, such as using an interdental toothbrush to get in between gaps, keep your smile flawless. The day the braces are removed is one of the most exciting days of your life, regardless of when you put them on. However, having had incredible patience to straighten your smile, since the process left you with stained teeth can be very annoying.

If you check Laster Orthodontics on Google or Yelp, Laster will even discount this whitening service. Go-trays are a simple bleaching system that Laster offers and it is also cost effective. Surface damage to enamel, when only the outer layers are eroded, can be repairable. Although the enamel cannot repair itself, dentists can apply minerals such as calcium phosphate or fluoride to the dental surface, which naturally mimics enamel.

We’ve put together some tips to avoid stained teeth and keep your smile pleasant and white during orthodontic treatment and beyond. We recommend that all our patients wait six months after their tooth whitening braces are removed. Using braces can make your teeth feel weaker over a period of time, so taking the time to adjust makes bleaching more comfortable.