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What Is Character Design?

Study anatomy, lighting, animals, anything and everything you plan to draw to create better character designs. This is an intimidating task, especially if you’re just starting out. Here are some character design tips to help you create great characters for your project.

While there is no right way to design a character, there are some steps in the process that most artists go through when creating their concepts. In the world of visual arts and animation, artists have the ability to create characters from scratch. This allows them to use all aspects of the design to create a unique character. Watch the video below to better understand how character design is more focused on storytelling rather than just creating a great drawing.

Genie and The Sultan are round and soft, it feels like they are soft and they can’t hurt us because they don’t have sharp parts. Aladdin and Jasmine have smooth curves, but they needed to be stronger characters, so they’re a little bolder. Jafar’s shoulders are almost like knives, they feel more aggressive than everyone else. Everyone in animation comes into it for different reasons depending on their own experiences and likes/dislikes.

Characters are much more than a visual representation of a concept or a mascot presenting a product or a studio. In fact, well-crafted characters have personality and appeal that connect the audience to your story. Creating a cute character that attracts viewers and sparks their interest in your product, website, or presentation is actually a very complicated process that requires a lot of knowledge and creativity. That’s why we chose to break down the character design process and reveal some of the magic behind it. When I applied to Sheridan, I had heard a rumor that the school didn’t want to see anything in a Japanese anime style.

By adding lines, color, and details, character designs are developed and brought into a more rounded state. This does not necessarily mean adding, but improving the design of a character. A common and effective approach is to start drawing silhouettes. Silhouettes give character designers a blueprint that can be repeated in more detail.

But the school also doesn’t want to see Western styles that are really graphic and flat. Much of the usual anime is not suitable for full animation, that is, the animation that you can see in a movie, drawn over and over again, crushed and stretched, drawn at many different angles, etc. Their designs how to practice concept art are usually too complicated, too much definition in the hair and clothing, and usually the traits of all the characters look the same. You may have muffled or explosive expressions depending on the personality you’re dealing with, but an opaque neutral face rarely makes a good character design.