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Unique Experiences And Things To Do In Luxor

Egypt’s incredible history is one of the main reasons why I propose you to invest in a tour of Egypt. As much as you think you really know, there is always something new to learn and see; things you wouldn’t know or find without a professional Egyptologist as a guide. While early mornings may not seem like the ideal way to spend a vacation, trust me when I say you will learn to appreciate them soon.

Our staff are the best operators, guides and drivers who spend all their time and effort to ensure you have the perfect vacation. All our tours are personalized by travel, financial and time advisers to meet all your possible needs during your holiday. It goes without saying that your safety and comfort are our top priority and that all our resources will be spent providing the best atmosphere until you return home. You do not need to see a light and sound show here, the temple is fully lit and offers visitors until 10 pm. I didn’t think it was possible, but he’s actually busier at night in Luxor Temple than during the day. The Karnak Temple Complex is Luxor’s most amazing and beautiful tourist spot.

Then change your view in the mountain graves of the Valley of the Kings and in the impressive Temple of Hatshepsut, Colossians of Memnon and the Temple of Ramses III in the West Bank. During your exploration, listen to stories of the pharaohs and peoples who built these masterpieces some 4,000 years ago from their own private and informative Egyptian guide. Don’t worry, while summers in Egypt can get quite hot, you can still see the best Egypt has to offer with some simple tips and tricks. One of the best things about a tour of Egypt is that your guides really know how to make the most of their time.

The temple houses the Great Temple of Amon, the Temple of Khons and the Temple of the Tuthmosis III Festival, within its facilities. The site represents the construction activities of many successive rulers of Egypt. All monuments within the Karnak temple are on a gigantic scale and one must spend at least 2-3 hours understanding and exploring the entire complex.

With a qualified Egyptologist guide to show you the sights, travel to the western shores of the Nile and explore the ancient treasures scattered through the valleys and mountains. Explore three graves in the Valley of the Kings, see the Queen Hatshepsut Temple, the Colossians of Memnon and the Ramses III Temple. Also explore the valley of the artisans, where the old grave builders lived.

Full-day private excursion to see the highlights of the ancient monuments of the West Bank and West Bank in Luxor. These highlights include the Valley of the Kings and the Nebas necropolis, the Temple of Ramses III, the Colossians of Memnon and Karnak and the Temples of Luxor. The perfect introduction for new visitors, this full private tour takes you through all the highlights in Luxor. Get detailed comments and background from your own personal Egyptologist guide while visiting monuments in the Queens Valley, Luxor West Bank and ancient Thebes. Mark all sights without cutting back on comfort and enjoy hotel transfers in an air-conditioned private car. A short trip across the Nile will take you to the Valley of the Kings.

Travel in a private minivan with air conditioning, go to Luxor and… Luxor is an incredible destination and three days would be enough to scratch the surface. I’ve been once and as a fan of Egyptian history I would go for at least five days. Our specialists are looking for authentic ways to Scuba diving in Hurghada get acquainted with the places that can appear during your trip. These activities reflect some of the most experienced experiences while visiting Luxor and used by the best local guides. We have been creating the best holidays in the most majestic destinations in Egypt for over 20 years.

The land of the dead, including the famous graves in the Valley of the Kings, lies on the west bank, where the sun sets. The spring season marks a warm climate in the city of Luxor and although it is a short season, it offers decreasing crowds and is a highly recommended season to enjoy the best possible weather in Upper Egypt. April is the highest season for your hotels and the Nile Cruises rate in Luxor, but prices are significantly lower in March, so feel free to choose the best time to visit Egypt. Luxor is one of the safest destinations in Egypt, where every British traveler can experience the wonders of the incredible city of Luxor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Daily cleaning of all attractions visited in Luxor has become a priority to ensure your overall health.