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Here Is a Simple Guide to Buying Your First TIG Welder

The exacting work of welding cosmetic applications (which include thinner metals and strict heat controls) can be accomplished with the assistance of a TIG welder. Now, the process of welding such cosmetic applications is becoming more and more sophisticated with the rise in the number of technological marvels.

A TIG welding application requires working on exotic metals (such as platinum, phosphorus bronzes, and Tantalum Tube). The selection process becomes easy if you follow some specific steps by the book. Let us read up on these steps, now.

Amperage range

A TIG welder’s amperage range is important; if you buy a TIG welder with the narrowest amperage range, you limit its capability to work (or weld) on a variety of metals. Preferably, you should go for a machine, ranging from 5 to 230 amps. (If you have such a welder, you can easily weld thin metals such as 24-gauge stainless steel.)

DC and AC welding

If you want the welder’s welding scope to go beyond stainless steel, you will have to buy equipment that offers the user both AC and DC options. For instance, consider using an AC welder if the application involves working on soft metals such as magnesium and aluminum. On the contrary, you would require TIG welders having DC welding capabilities if the application involves working on a variety of hard metals, including deoxidized copper, steel, and stainless steel. When you choose an AC welder, you must have control over AC balance. Having such a control enables the user to set the time of an AC cycle; that is, with this capability, the user can determine whether the welder is in a negative life cycle or a positive life cycle. Ideally, the best welding equipment will include both manual and automated balance control capabilities.

Easy to use

TIG welding is a demanding process; however, that does not mean that the machine’s operations will be complicated. The finest TIG machinery will be easy to use and simple to understand. Further, every leading welding vendor will offer machinery that comes fitted with an amperage control having a metal foot pedal. (Such a foot pedal is important if your welding work includes aluminum.)

Quality design

Every premium TIG welder will have the best design that includes a number of features involving the equipment’s lifespan and overall durability. One of the hallmarks of a quality TIG welder is that it will have a thermostat-operated fan. That is, the fan will run only when the machine is heated; once the machine gets heated, it will trip the thermostat and the fan will run.

Many of these machines, however, have a normal fan that runs continuously; such a welding machine should not be bought because it will cause the continuously moving fan to collect a lot of dust.

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