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How Do I Reset My Smartphone Correctly And Completely Reset It To The Original Factory Settings???

Here we show you how to perform a factory reset on your iPhone. “Android phones use some kind of flash memory called a solid-state drive or SSD,” Shotwell explains. “This can be done in the device settings in accounts or Google depending on the phone,” says Shotwell.

All of the above tips should help you get your Android device right again. In most cases, cleaning the Android system frees up the available memory, improves performance and generally makes it what is meid pleasant to use the phone or tablet again. As part of the final preparation process, you must ensure that all accounts configured on your device are deleted before you restart the factory.

With a little conscious practice, good cleaning habits and the help of some antimicrobial high-tech accessories, you can significantly limit the spread of germs from your devices. Follow the steps below for iOs and follow steps to delete Android-based devices. When you surf the Internet or use a mobile app, temporary data and junk files are created and often remain on your device. As soon as your mobile phone has no space, this waste build-up causes slowdowns and other problematic problems, e.g.

The data is confused with an access key that only you have using a mathematical process. Without the key, the files on the drive look like gibberish. Even if someone manages to restore files, that person still cannot open them. “If you reset an Android phone at the factory, everything on your phone will be completely deleted and it will restart as you bought it the first time,” explains Cyr. All data must be deleted and all applications, photos, messages, files and videos must be deleted.

Let’s start by removing the Factory Restart Protection . Google introduced FRP on Android 5.0 Lollipop as an additional security level to prevent someone from restarting and selling their device when it is lost or stolen. If you reset a phone with the RFP activated at the factory and try to configure it as a new device, you must provide the credentials for the last Google account configured on the device. If you do not provide this credentials, the device remains locked and is not accessible.

Plastic and metal used in the body or outer shell of a phone can also host the virus for up to 7 days, with multiple data points recorded in 2020. As soon as this process is complete, your data will disappear. Technically speaking, it is still written in flash memory in what is now reported as free memory and is eventually overwritten. Since it is encrypted, retrieving would be extremely difficult. However, if you want to completely eradicate it, continue with the next step.

It’s not just about nightly texts or embarrassing selfies that fall into the wrong hands. If you don’t restore the factory, you can get into a world of pain. If you don’t log out properly and delete accounts, you may lose new incoming messages, and protection when resetting the factory on Android phones can block buyers even after deleting the device.

Hopefully you will find a space-saving app that you will never use, so you have no problem saying goodbye to it. Deleting SSDs is more complicated than deleting standard hard drives. Ask the SSD manufacturer if he offers a free utility that you can use. As with DBAN, you need to create a boot CD or flash drive, then start and follow the instructions. For example, with many Samsung phones, you need to hold up both volume and volume together with the power switch until the screen turns on.