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6 Very Good Reasons To Practice Horse Riding

The 2011 British Horse Society study also concluded that horse riding mainly stimulated positive psychological feelings. More than 80% of the rider’s questionnaire replies state that driving made them feel “free” or “extremely happy, relaxed, happy or active”.” By adopting the right posture and traveling regularly, your core strength will improve. You continuously squeeze the sequestration muscles to stay in the saddle and use your core to protect your spine and stand upright. Sit high, push your legs into your horse’s body, ignites the central muscles, which are essential for balance and posture. Horse riding means that you perform several movements at the same time to properly balance and guide the horse.

Once you start driving, you become part of this beautiful and completely new world. In addition, horse therapy works with horses to improve people’s physical or mental rehabilitation. It is an exceptional possibility, as horses make no difference between a healthy rider and a rider who may have mental or physical disabilities. For many of the patients, it is a positive way to redefine their freedom and equality.

In the beginning you may feel that learning to stay alone and leading the horse is a challenge. If that becomes easy, many more learning opportunities will arise. As you progress in driving and horse ownership, you will always have questions and problems. Even the most experienced riders would admit that there is always something new to learn. Research has shown that lifelong learning can prevent memory loss.

Working in the garden and taking care of your horse also strengthens your muscles and burns calories. But be careful to take the right position when lifting, otherwise your time on the terrace can do you more harm than good. Horse riding is recognized as excellent therapeutic properties.

The British Horse Society has recently commissioned an investigation and has found that horse riding complies with government guidelines for exercise intensity. A jogging spell burns more calories than playing badminton and a jump session can burn up to 600 calories. And as we know, there are many more horse-related jobs to burn lunch on Sunday! Discover the top five health benefits of horse riding and why not only the horse does all the work. CHA-certified English and Western instructor Ashleigh Hamill from Arvada, Colorado described how horses are therapeutic in nature. Hamill teaches riders of all levels to its Frontrange drivers in Lafayette, Colorado.

When we board, it is very often difficult to find the time to work with our horses as much as we would like. At Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, you can maximize your time near your horse’s boarding facilities so you can enjoy the health benefits of regular riding. In addition to the physical benefits of horse riding, you will be placed in a community of like-minded riders. Good healthy habits and a strong community are cornerstones of a full life.

That said, the pace and steps of the horse also play an important role. A horse with a smooth, wavy canter may be more easily balanced than a short, bumpy pony trot. You may be considering driving yourself and wondering what benefits driving really has? Or maybe Equestrian you wonder if this is the right activity for your child? You may be trying to convince a friend or partner to come with you or you have lost motivation and you just have to remember all the wonderful things that drive and are close to horses, brings you life.