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Lishi 2 In 1 Decoder

It offers superior stability and solid friction locking of the tools by means… Witness the varied pick lishi select at for these products and buy them within your budgets and requirements. These products are available as OEM orders on bulk purchases and are available with multiple customization options. Buy these supplies from the leading pick lishi suppliers for fascinating deals on the site. John Falle makes a pin tumbler decoder which is pretty badass.

The newest addition to the Genuine Lishi range is our T3 tools. T3 stands for ‘Tough, Technically advanced Tools’ and these pick and decoders have been designed for the most professional auto locksmith and boast to be the most up to date products on the market. The picking direction is dictated by the circumstances of the lock. In some instances, locks will pick more easily counter-clockwise rather than clockwise.

Often times you may have to loosen the tension to get a particularly stubborn pin to pick which might cause you to have to repick some of the other pins. The following is a step-by-step guide for using the Original Lishi KW1 2-In-1 Pick. Follow the procedures described here carefully to insure that your tool gives you reliable service. These procedures will help you to avoid damaging the pick’s unique design or breaking it all together. A Step-By Step Guide on How to Properly Use Your Original Lishi Tools KW1 2-In-1 PickThe Original Lishi Tools KW1 2-In-1 Pick is very unique and is used differently than its automotive counterparts.

The decoder pick is a key which has been adapted such that the height of its notches can be changed, either by screwing them into the blade base or by adjusting them from the handle while the key is in the lock. This will allow not only access to the lock but also a template for cutting a replacement key. This fantastic 2-in-1 User Guide is a comprehensive 72 page, illustrated guide detailing how the Lishi 2-in-1 tools interact with the locks when picking and decoding.

Made with high grade stainless steel, every tool is durable and has been designed to fit into the lock smoothly. In fact we are so confident about their quality that all of our tools are backed with a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing faults. Our tools get the job done, quickly and without causing damage. The Genuine Lishi brand is trusted by professionals Schlüsseldienst Dresden because it allows you to work with confidence. The tools are developed to protect both the door lock and the vehicle; they have been designed specifically for speed, with most tools getting the job done in less than 3 minutes. If you believe that the readings are not accurate, pick the lock in the opposite direction and reread the pin heights.

The general setup requires a way to test for binding a a setup/makeup key . You’ll notice this is basically the same process as impressioning. Like impressioning, components only bind when they are in the incorrect positions. When the component you’re testing eventually stops binding you can assume it is in the correct position and move on to the next until all components are positioned properly and the lock can open. At that point you should have a) a working setup key, b) enough information to create a non-counterfeit key. Bookmark list of lock picking geocaches for basic members at, retrieved on June 12th, 2018.