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How To Find Your Imei Without Access To Your Device

The IMEI number must be printed on a sticker somewhere in the sales box. For some phones, the IMEI number is printed on the back, while you can also find it under the interchangeable battery cover if you have an older device. The IMEI number is also written on the SIM card compartment on some telephones. A serial number is a unique number that is assigned by the manufacturer to a single device such as a telephone, a tablet, a television, etc. to identify. For example, the serial number of your phone differs from any other phone created by Samsung.

Otherwise there is no way to say if you don’t have the device physically. Once the theft has been reported, they create an IMEI tracking letter that is sent to the network provider. Once this is done, the network provider locks the phone to make it unusable until it is unlocked. The phone does not work even if the SIM card is changed by the network.

The IMEI number is on the back of the original packaging of your smartphone. If you have saved the original packaging from your smartphone, you are lucky! On the back of the package you will find a label with the serial number of the smartphones and the IMEI number

Apple’s instructions also do not include this method. That is why we quote it here as a historical artifact and last resort. If you register your phone or try to sell an old one online, you may be asked for your IMEI number.

There are several places where you can check whether the serial number or IMEI / MEID can be displayed Tap the copy number to include this information in Apple registration or support forms. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and want to maintain this device for years, you should make sure that it is protected from all angles. These are the best screensavers for the Galaxy S20 FE that you can get today.

The IMEI is printed on the SIM compartment on iPhone 4s or older iPhones This makes the number important in emergency situations. When the device is located, you can use the IMEI number to determine that it is really your phone.

If you already have access to your phone, you can find in our comprehensive instructions how to easily find the IMEI number of your devices. The IMEI number is really printed on your hardware. Your cell phone; and also within the phone software, which makes it almost impossible to change it. If your phone has a replaceable battery, the IMEI or MEID number can be printed on a sticker on the back of the phone behind the replaceable battery.

If you still have the box that the phone came into, you will find your IMEI number on a label on the outside of this box. Fortunately, there are some ways to get your IMEI even if you don’t have your phone in your hand. In this article, I show you some ways to find the IMEI number on your phone, even if the phone is no longer in your possession. © 2021 Digital Trends Media Group, a company of Designtechnica. Scroll to the Devices section and select the device.

Here you can read the secret information about your device and the basic specification. On our website you can use all these IMEI service checks and the simple IMEI verification function completely free of charge. This is usually a 15 or 16 digit string, and operators use it to identify the devices registered on their networks. It can also be used to blacklist phones that have been stolen from a particular network.