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Console Games Vs PC Games

However, there are many fantastic console games that you just can’t play on PC.

You don’t have to spend more than $1,000 on a 3080 Ti graphics card if you mainly play indie games with pixel images. On the other hand, if you want to make an RGB headlight that attracts swarms of moths, that’s definitely something you can do. PC gamers always get an advantage over console gamers in the hardware domain. A well-built gaming PC comes with more hardware power and superior graphics performance. The advantage of owning a gaming PC is that you have access to a large number of hardware components, increasing customization and performance. On the console, you should be happy with what’s in the package with limited customizations and no hardware.

Until the new technology is released, console gamers will have a collection of games to enjoy for now. If you already have a decent, relatively modern PC, you don’t have to try to mirror the charge of an Xbox Series X from scratch. Extensibility and upgrades are still a basic principle for PC. In other words, they’re catching up with every gaming PC built over the past five years. If you want a system that offers instant access and is easy to set up, then a game console might be the best option for you. This is also a great place to start for kids or those who haven’t played that much yet and are just starting out.

Along with custom graphics cards and high-resolution monitors, the experience of using a PC can be much more immersive and provide a higher quality experience. Finally, there’s the concept of exclusivity, which actually affects players across the spectrum. Whether you’re a console or PC player, you’ll run into the problem of not being able to play a particular game because it only appears on a specific platform.

Gamers who want to relax and unwind can enjoy the freedom of wireless controllers, joysticks, and even a steering wheel for racing games, like most consoles. However, when accuracy is critical, PC users can use a gaming mouse. Gaming mice are particularly accurate, giving you unparalleled control and accuracy during first-person shooter games.

It’s also worth noting that a desktop PC can be repaired and upgraded much more easily, meaning it can cost you less in the long run. Not to mention all the other things you can use a powerful PC for, like video editing, programming, and more. When building a gaming PC platform, the AMD Zen 2 CPU on both next-gen consoles costs about $300 on its own, while the AMD RDNA 2-based GPU almost starts at $500. PC gaming has also been hit by chip shortages, so component prices are still very high, and that doesn’t include the price of Windows 11’s case, power, cooling, and licensing.

You won’t have access to Sony’s big first-party exclusives, at least not at launch. However, PC has a large library of experiences, such as great strategy and MMO games, that are not possible with PS5. Consoles may have been hit hard by chip shortages, but graphics cards were hit the hardest. While you could build a $500 gaming PC in the past, you can’t do it in 2021.